My name is Andrew and I’m currently an ninth-grade student from Ridgefield, CT. I’m fortunate enough to attend a school that has exposed me to many learning styles, subjects, and most importantly, a place where I have been able to grow and develop both academically and spiritually.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing sports and video games.  For the last six years, I have swam competitively on various teams in and around Ridgefield.  While swimming was a large part of my life and I enjoy being in the pool, I recently discovered my passion for a new sport, tennis, and have decided to focus my time after school on playing tennis. I am currently on a Junior Tennis Team, and you can find me on the courts at least five times a week.

At home, you can find me playing with my two dogs and developing content for my YouTube channel, where I teach people how to make a variety of functioning model airplanes in a game called, Plane Crazy. A few of my favorite airplanes include the F-22 Raptor, C-130 Hercules, and F-15 Eagle.

TWA Hotel - JFK Int'l Airport