My main inspiration for this project is how I like to learn about history, especially that of major wars and conflicts. I’m fascinated by reading first-hand accounts of the experiences that soldiers had while serving on the battlefield. In my opinion, one of the best ways to learn about history is by talking to those who lived it. My great grandfather, Grandpa Ralph, served in the Korean War as a Marine. I would have loved to hear about his experiences fighting in the war, however, he passed away before I could get the chance to talk to him.

We are extremely fortunate to have members in our community that have served in a variety of conflicts such as the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and even World War II, as well as service men and women who support our front-line troops in other ways. I look forward to being able to hear their stories.

I really enjoy reading and watching documentaries about major wars and conflicts, however, there is no better way to learn about these conflicts than to have a conversation with those who were present at the time.  No two interviews have been the same and I have learned so much more in the short period of time about how the military is so diverse than I have in all books I read and all the documentaries I’ve watched. There are so many opportunities within the military such as cyber security and medical groups like dentistry, as well as frontline defense. Some words that stood out to me were terms like comradery and respect.